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May 13 to October 27, 2018


“I started painting at 42, I don’t know why I waited so long.
What you bring with you all those divergent experiences,
those other skills, can only enhance and inform artistic expression.” ~ Kenneth Pike, instructor

Ground zero: Approaching the blank canvas


“Grisaille is a great technique for rendering the quality of
light. Join me in rediscovering what the old masters
already knew and practised, to create art pieces that will
stand the test of time.” ~ Molly Holsworth, instructor

Grisaille: Getting acquainted with tonal control


“If you’re a political junkie then you're going to love making
your statement in this new and powerful way. Join me in
finding that kernal of truth, that one illuminating moment
beyond all the words...that’s editorial expression."
~ Eileen McFarlane, instructor

Where east meets west: Intersecting image and word

Need to get away?

Come to Honey Harbour. Tired of the distractions of everyday life? Find your way to our quiet blue shores, enjoy our unforgettable hospitality and great food while you unwind, learn more about our rich marine heritage or just relax on the beach.

Looking for inspiration?

It’s here. Join other artists widening their horizons with landscape or abstract painting. Experience a location so rich in colour, texture and composition you’ll never tire of capturing it on canvas.

Sign up for your two or four day immersive experience. CALL US AT: 1-877-774-6663

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